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Sponsoring the GVLL Red Sox

We are a proud sponsor of the 2021 boys Western Red Soxs team at Grandview Little League.  GVLL is one of the biggest and oldest baseball leagues in Iowa having operated for over 50 years, and routinely sends teams beyond state level in tournaments. 

Grandview Little League hosts
 nine baseball fields that play both baseball and softball.  They encourage children between the ages of 3 to 16 to play.  We have sponsored teams in the previous years and plan to continue supporting Grandview Little League in the future.

Eddie Myers and Cullen Brunk, players on the Red Sox, smile after their win at Grandview Little League
Eddie Myers (left) and Cullen Brunk (right) are all smiles after they won their first game of the year against the Braves last Saturday.  They will continue their season with a game against the Dodgers and the Tigers this coming weekend!

If you would like to watch a Red Sox game this year at GVLL, they are located at 4381 NE 38th St in Des Moines, and be sure to look for our banner located on Field #7. 

Nonna's Pasta Sauce was well represented at GVLL on opening day – we had team jerseys, banners and even a few t-shirts being worn around the park! We wish GVLL and every team a fantastic 2021 season!

Avery Myers wearing a Nonna's Pasta Sauce t-shirt at Grandview Little League on Opening day!

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